Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Christian cross display Challenge

A large christian cross has been standing on piece of government-owned Mojave land, which was later transferred to private ownership following a court challenge to its legal presence.  The controversy surrounding this icon has gone to the Supreme Court for argument.
From the L.A. Times 10/7/09: "This is a stand-alone cross," said Peter Eliasberg, the ACLU lawyer. "The cross is the predominant symbol of Christianity," he said, and it should not be treated as though it is the single, favored religious symbol.
Justice Antonin Scalia took sharp exception to that comment. The cross "is the most common symbol" to honor the war dead, he said, calling it an "outrageous conclusion" to say the cross is limited to honoring only soldiers who were Christians. (My stress)
So Justice Scalia thinks that a cross has no religious significance? Is this the same Justice Scalia who is linked to the far right catholic group, Opus Dei? Shouldn't he recluse himself form this argument, along with several other Justices?
How can anyone get a fair deal with such a prejudiced bench
This is beyond stupid, and this isn't funny because Scalia probably believes this was a reasonable statement to make.