Sunday, October 11, 2009

Travel for the First Lady too Dangerous in third world South Carolina.

The security professionals who guard the safety of the President and his family have considered it too dangerous to allow the First Lady to visit the State of SC.

Go here to read a fuller article on this at, it's a stinging indictment on this State.

Here is the real message contined in the article:
"If security professionals, who apparently have reservations, actually believe it is too dangerous for the first family to visit a U.S. state, then we have dropped below the status of a Third World country."

The writer is correct, you know. These retards (that's about the politest I can be) are making their State akin to some S American country. Isn't it a pity Abe didn't let them secede when they wanted?

Footenote: SC was the first to secede on 12/20/1860: Lincoln (R) took Office on March 4, 1861

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