Monday, October 19, 2009

U.N. Can't subdue Congo Violence!

Every time I read a story or hear anything about the U.N. it is always the same ring to it;

"U.N. Peacekeepers struggle to protect victims of war", "U.N. having difficulty getting rebels to adhere to peace treaty", "U.N. cannot deal with violence in African Regions".

So what exactly is the U.N. good for if they cannot "deal, protect, provide, safeguard, influence, or mandate" ???

Not a damn thing! That's right folks, the U.N. has a policy that they will protect any impoverished civilian from harm, torture, rape, mutilation, starvation, or death. Just one clause, the peacekeeping force has to see it happening, and the country has to have something that the U.N. can benefit from!

Have you ever wondered why all the photos show the blue helmeted soldiers standing around the corners of buildings? Simple, they cannot see the violence so they do not have to respond!

A nice little quote from an article regarding the grand plan of the U.N. Peacekeepers; "peacekeepers have provided millions of dollars worth in tactical expertise, transport and aviation support, food rations, fuel and medical supplies to Congolese army soldiers".

"Despite such support, U.N. peacekeepers have not used their leverage to get the government to remove commanders with known track records of human rights abuses from participating in the operations," the coalition said.

What we need is to disband the U.N. and bring on companies like Blackwater, but wait, we don't want violence, we want excuses.........

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